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Project: Safra Mount Faber

Scope of Work: Architectural Photography

Location: Mount Faber, Singapore

Client: Zarch Collaboratives

SAFRA Mount Faber embodies the changing needs of NSmen and growing number of professionals, managers and executives amongst operationally-ready national servicemen. Nestled at the fringe of the city and at the foot of Mount Faber forest, the transformation of SAFRA Mount Faber into an executive lifestyle club is visually defined by a striking new façade at its doorstep.

Inspired by the lush greenery, the façade is a matrix of fractal-like pattern, formed together using triangulated aluminium mesh and solid panel modules. With the added touch of grey tones, the façade becomes a modern reinterpretation of a camouflage pattern, wrapping the existing building’s irregular curvilinear form into a unified entity. The clubhouse is transformed from a fortress to a sanctuary for recreation and relaxation.

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