Deep Space


Exhibited: Transient Bodies, Singapore Art Week 2020. Zarch Collaboratives Gallery.

Ngee Ann Basement, Orchard Road. Point Cloud 3d Scan Photogrammetry

(1. Ngee Ann Orchard Road Basement, Plan View.)


Deep Space explores the spatial boundaries and objects of subterranean Singapore, using point cloud mapping and photogrammetry to interrogate the spatial contestation between surface and subsurface.


Volumetric digital environments of underground districts in Orchard Road and Marina Bay are constructed by combining hundreds of images into millions of XYZ data points. Presented as large scale prints the the ghost like entrails of interconnecting passageways, voids and objects are revealed amongst the black vacuum of subterranean space.

Seah Im Bunker Singapore Point Cloud 3d Scan

(2. Seah Im Bunker, Singapore. Plan View)

Marina Bay Sands Point Cloud 3d Scan Singapore

(3. Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. Unwrapped 3d Texture Map)

Golden Mile Singapore 3d Scan Fragments

(4. Golden Mile Basement Fragments.)

(5. Golden Mile Basement Fragments.)

(6. Deep Space, Film 1m16s)

Transient Bodies Exhibition Singapore Art Week
Transient Bodies Exhibition Singapore Art Week

The Deep Space project is a continual work in progress, and an evolving set of work which explores how we could use technologies to reveal and visualize subterranean space in new ways.