• Singapore Archifest 2017: Envisioning Undergrounds

    Singapore Archifest 2017: Envisioning Undergrounds

    The Singapore Archifest is an annual public festival organized by the Singapore Institute of Architects to celebrate architecture the built environment. As part of their 11th edition and under the overall theme ‘Building Agency’ I was invited to host and exhibition of my work and discourse at the Zarch Collaboratives gallery space. Under the title ‘Envisioning Undergrounds’…

  • Abandoned Singapore: Fort Serapong

    Abandoned Singapore: Fort Serapong

    Buried among the overgrown jungle at the North-Eastern edge of Sentosa island lies Fort Serapong, a sprawling abandoned military complex complete with tunnels, bunkers, and other subterranean spaces. Built between the 1870s and 1890s, Fort Serapong, together with Fort Siloso, Fort Connaught and the Imbiah Battery, formed an integrated part of the British’s southern coastal defence at Pulau…

  • Abandoned Singapore: Jurong Railway Line

    Abandoned Singapore: Jurong Railway Line

    Many people have explored the Singapore’s ‘Green corridor’ however few have ventured slightly further West to follow the route of the Jurong Railway line. The now defunct line was a freight route which used to connect the coastal warehouses at the Jurong Industrial Estate back to the mainline at Bukit Timah along a 9 mile…

  • Aldwych Abandoned Underground Station

    Aldwych Abandoned Underground Station


  • UCL Tunnels

    UCL Tunnels

    “Nakatomi space, wherein buildings reveal near-infinite interiors, capable of being traversed through all manner of non-architectural means”. Exploring the Nakatomi space within the brutalist SOAS library and UCL’s Institute of Education at Bedford way. Much of the university campus here is connected via service tunnels, which run utilities between buildings from centralized plant rooms. At points these tunnels…

  • Euston Station Abandoned Tunnels

    Euston Station Abandoned Tunnels

  • Camden Catacombs

    Camden Catacombs

    Beneath the heaving, unpleasant streets of Camden lies a secret unknown to the hoards of tourists and market traders up above – a long-forgotten labyrinth of tunnels and vaults that are relics of the area’s colourful Victorian industrial past. Colloquially known as ‘The Camden Catacombs’ the tunnels were in fact not used to store bodies, but as stables for…

  • Imperial University Tunnels

    Imperial University Tunnels

    Deep beneath the streets of South Kensington lies a hidden labyrinth of service and utility tunnels which reach beneath the wider Albertropolis area, criss-crossing the Imperial University Campus and connecting to basements of The Science Museum and Natural History Museum. The tunnel network dates back to the period of the Great Exhibition of 1851 in Hyde Park, when a public pedestrian…